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The size of skip bin required is largely dependent on the type of rubbish you have and how neatly the bin is packed. To give you a general idea, one standard trailer load of waste or approximately four standard city council bins equates to one cubic metre. If you are still in any doubt, please contact us and one of our professional and friendly team members will assist you in choosing the right bin to suit your needs and your project.

2m Bins

skip bin sizes-1
The 2m skip bin size is perfect for a small garden cleanup at home.

3m Bins

skip bin sizes-2
The 3m skip bin size is ideal for a medium sized garden or household cleanup.

4m Bins

skip bin sizes-3
The 4m skip bin size is perfect for small renovations or larger household and garden cleaning.

4m Bins

skip bin sizes-4
The 4m walk-in skip bin is ideal for wider or heavier items, such as those removed in small renovations and cleaning.

6m Bins

skip bin sizes-5
The ideal bin size for a range of medium sized renovations, including commercial & domestic. Also suitable for weekend clean ups, landscaping waste, bricks/concrete waste and more.

9m Bins

skip bin sizes-6
If you are moving house or clearing the office for renovations, 9m skip bins are perfect for your needs. These skips have a walk-in door to make waste disposal easier.

11m Bins

skip bin sizes-7
This bin size is perfect for commercial constructions, and other big jobs. It’s still suitable for weekend clean ups and may be beneficial for larger and longer projects.

15m Bins

skip bin sizes-8
15m skip bins are hook-lift industrial grade waste bins, perfect for sites that generate a lot of waste (construction, landscaping, etc.).

19m Bins

skip bin sizes-9
These 18m bins are often used in commercial and industrial applications, particularly for construction and large-scale gardening projects.

23m Bins

skip bin sizes-10
These huge skip bins are commonly used in building and large projects, to dispose of building material, earth and other large debris.